Eagar Family

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Eagar Family

Eagar Family
Author : Raymond Eagar
This Site is dedicated to the Eagar ancestry, since 1820 and contains photos and short stories and a translation of a book written by FJ Eagar at the age of 81.
Three Eagar Brothers came from Ireland to South Africa, Ross Eagar, who settled, the other two went back or to Australia . Ross Eagar and wife (maiden name Ford) came with the 1820 settlers from Ireland and landed at Port Elizabeth. Out of their marriage 5 children were born. The second eldest(Francis John Eagar)married to Susara Jacoba Sophia Briel . They had children and one of the youngest, Francis John Eagar was born on the 22 December 1883 , in the district Hoopstad in the Free state, and baptized at Thaba Nchu by Minister W M Cripps on the 11 February 1884.

7 January 1914 Francis John Eagar married Elizabeth Margaretha Christina Erasmus. His first son Raymond was born in Rhodesia 03/09/1914 . He had another son Christoffel and two daughters Anna and the youngest Sahra.



English Boer War
1899 his father and eldest brother joined the kommandos to fight against the invading British. At the age of 16 he took food to them , but did not return to the farm , he stayed and also joined the kommandos .

Later during the war he and approximately 5,000 Boers were betrayed when General Cronje surrendered his entire force to the British without even thinking of resistance, considered by many as the one shameful act by a Boer Commander during the three year war. They spent the rest of the war in a P.O.W. camp in Ceylon. His future Brother in law was also captured and sent to a P.O.W camp in St Helena.

Note From Author : Francis future brother in law, Lodewyk van der Merwe’s Wife was a trained nurse and was in the women and children’s concentration camps, and she had to remove fish hooks and glass from the food given to the women and children to eat!. When I say future brother in law, they only met in Rhodesia 1936 when his son Raymond Married the youngest daughter out of 16 children of Lodewyk van der Merve, who was very wealthy as a diamond digger from South Africa.

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