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Jacobus Johannes Erasmus

Jacobus Johannes Erasmus

Father and Mother of Elizabeth Margaretha Erasmus
Christoffel Petrus Johannes Erasmus and Anna Christina Magdalena Erasmus ,Father and Mother of Elizabeth Margaretha Erasmus

Son of Christoffel Petrus Johannes Erasmus and Anna Christina Magdalena Erasmus
Husband of Henrietta Carolina Cornelia Erasmus
Father of Christoffel Petrus Johannes Erasmus;  Casperus Wilhelmus Erasmus
Brother of Elizabeth Margaretha Christina Eagar and Johannes Daniel Erasmus and Christian Erasmus

Koos stayed with Francis John Eagar and his sister. He married Henrietta Carolina Lamprecht 28-2-1907 . They lived with the Eagar,s for four years before he built a house close by and moved  into their own house.

Keen to do woodwork , Francis suggested that he build a wagon, Francis bought the necessary metal parts and Koos made the rest using bush timber.

Francis was approached by the owner of Rusfontein asking for advice. He had a Farm-bank loan of one hundred pounds with overdue interest amounting to another hundred pounds which he was unable to pay. The Bank was taking possession prior to selling the farm. Francis saw it as an opportunity for Koos to get on his own feet and proposed that they buy the farm on half shares, Koos was glad and agreed.

They bought Rusfontein in partnership. They paid the debtor one hundred pounds and assumed responsibility for the Landbank bond obligations The move to Rusfontein was a great day for Koos and his  wife. Moving with a wagon, built with his own hands and pulled by his own span of oxen.

Koos grew wheat with success, selling the crop at one pound and two shillings and sixpence per bag. He later bought his Brother-in -law’s share of the farm. The road from Salisbury to South Africa passed through the farm.

Koos had two brothers , Johannes Daniel (Jan) And Christian Erasmus, Jan was married to Sarie, and Christian to Annie. Later years after Jan passed on and Annie passed on , Christian and Sarie married each other, brother in law and sister in law.

Anglo Boer War 1899

Anglo Boer War

Anglo Boer War and other short stories of Francis Eagar.

One day Francis saw a rider on horse galloping towards the farm. Oom Kasper van Wyk  came to enlist  Oom Frank, and he said  tomorow at 10 pm you must be at Papfontein  with rifle , horse, saddle, bridle, and  food for 8 days. We are at war. Oom Frank Eagar  and his eldest son made preparations and left the next day and joined the Kommandos.

Some time later Francis received a message from his father Oom Frank, to bring them food. Francis took food to them and because he owned his own rifle, he stayed and joined the Kommandos at 16 years of age.

While on patrol the Kommando Came to some old kraals close to a riverbed. The horses were tied together in one of the kraals and they took up positions near the riverbed. Francis became thirsty and decided to fetch his water bottle on his horse in the kraal.  While untying the can a enemy spy approached and was looking at the horses trying to figure out if it was theres or the kommandos. Francis aimed his rifle over the saddle and while aiming he saw beautiful blue eyes, this caused him to freeze and he could not pull the trigger. From another kraal a veteran fired and wounded  the enemy who fell from his horse. Upon hearing the rifle shot the enemy troops which were nearby fled. The Kommando’s Chased them killing a few and taking one prisoner. The prisoner was then brought back to his wounded comrade who he then bandaged. The prisoner was released to fetch help for his comrade. Francis and Kommando left this area

Out on patrol Francis with about 25 men noticed a large number of the enemy approaching them. In between them and the british troop was a mountain pass. The field cornet approached one of the older men and asked for advice how to get out of this situation . He thought for a while then answered, we must gallop one by one across the pass making a lot of dust until the sun sets, the enemy may think that we are a large number of Kommando moving into the pass. This was done and the following morning the enemy were all gone.



Eagar Photos

Eagar Photos

Photos of Eagar Family Posted By Raymond Eagar jnr

Florence Sarah Eagar

Florence Sarah Eagar

Florence Sarah Van Heerden


Florence lived with her husband in Bloemfontein, she had a hobby where sea shells were glued together and then painted them to make ornaments.

Aunt Florrie named Florence Sarah Married to Jacob Petrus van Heerden


Birth place—-Ladybrand, OFS, South Africa

Death——– August 27, 1982 (84)Bloemfontein, OFS, South Africa

Daughter of Daughter of Frances John Eagar and Susara Jacoba Sophia Eagar

Wife of Izak Benjamin van Heerden

Mother of Jacob Petrus van Heerden and Susara Jacoba Sophia Wasserman

Sister of Dina Margaretha MareeElizabeth Magdalena BothaJohannes Henry EagarFrances John Eager and Charles James Eagar


Lodewyk Johannes van der Merwe

Lodewyk Johannes Van der Merwe
Lodewyk Johannes Van der Merwe
Lodewyk Johanned van der Merwe and wife and children 001
Lodewyk Johannes van der Merwe and wife and children

Lodewyk Johannes van der Merwe

Lodewyk van der Merwe and anna Cathrina van der Walt
Lodewyk van der Merwe and anna Cathrina van der Walt

Son of Willem Petrus van der Merwe and Elsie Rachel van der Merwe

Birth Date—-22/06/1865 at OFS South Africa

Death——–12/10/1865 at Leliefontein farm Charter district Rhodesia

Spouse——-Anna Catharina van der Merwe ( nee van der Walt) Daughter of Johannes Nicolas van der Walt and Catharina Johanna Van der Walt.

Birth Date——19/01/1875


Chidren——-Willem Petrus ( Ou Boetie ) , Hansie, Lodewyk Johannes , Frans Sarel Jacobus , Schalk Willem , Jan Albertus (Oom Jappie) , Hester , Anna Catharina , Elsie Rachel , and youngest Cathrina Johanna

Elizabeth Margaretha Christina Erasmus

Elizabeth Margaretha Christina Erasmus

Elizabeth Margaretha Christina Erasmus
Elizabeth Margaretha Christina Erasmus married to Francis John Eagar 1914
Christoffel Petrus Johannes Erasmus and Anna Christina Magdalena Erasmus. Father and Mother of Elizabeth Margaretha Christina Erasmus
Christoffel Petrus Johannes Erasmus and Anna Christina Magdalena Erasmus. Father and Mother of Elizabeth Margaretha Christina Erasmus

Elizabeth Margaretha Christina Eagar

Birth Date—–13/07/1893 at Ladybrand Orange Freestate

Death——–19/10/1932  Ngesipoort Farm, Charter district, Rhodesia

Daughter of Christoffel Petrus Johannes Erasmus and Anna Christina Magdalena Erasmus.

Wife of Francis John Eagar jnr,   Mother to four Children->Raymond, Christoffel Johannes, Anna Christina, Sahra Sophia.

Sister of Jacobus Johannes Erasmus, Johannes Daniel Erasmus, Christian Erasmus.

7 January 1914 Francis John Eagar married Elizabeth Margaretha Christina Erasmus. They moved to Rhodesia where Francis started teaching  at Mooilagte Farm, Charter district.

Later Francis brought Elizabeths brother Jacobus Johannes (Koos) to live with them. Koos went to school at Mooilagte. Koos moved when they moved and left school at std 7 and started farming.

Francis John Eagar jnr

Francis John Eagar  jnr

Francis John Eagar jnr
Francis John Eagar jnr

Son off Francis John Eagar snr

Birth date—22/12 1883

Death—–September 03, 1977  (age 94)
Enkeldoorn , Rhodesia

Spouse——Elizabeth Margaretha Christina (nee Erasmus)

Birth date—–July /1893  Ladybrand  Orange Free State

Death——-October 19/10/1932 (39)  Ngesipoort Farm, Enkeldoorn, Charter District, Southern Rhodesia

Children—-Raymond , Christoffel Johannes , Anna Christina , Sahra Sophia

Francis John Eagar snr

Francis John Eagar snr

Francis John Eagar snr and Susara Sophia (nee Briel) EagarBriel
Francis John Eagar snr and Susara Sophia (nee Briel) Eagar

Name ———-Francis John Eagar

Birth Date——1849 Grahams Town , Cape Colony

Spouse———-Susara Sophia (nee Briel)

Birth Date——-1858

Children ——– Charles James, Dina Margaretha  ( Maree ),    Youngest Francis John , Daughter Florence

Foreword Author: Very little is known about F J Eagar snr but wat is known is narrated on this page.

Son of Ross Eagar ,farmed at Hoopstad Freestate, later moved to a farm Crimea next to a mountain named Cithea . His last years he and his wife stayed in Clocolan Freestate South Africa. Raymond Eagar ( grandson)  and Wife Catharina visited them here from Rhodesia. He was then blind and had a guide dog . This dog was often sent to the butchery with a basket, money, and a note. The dog would then return with the meat from the butchery and give it to Susara, untouched !.

1897 Francis and eldest son was called to the Transvaal to help stop the Jameson Raid. On arrival by train at Krugersdorp the raid was over , Jameson and his raiders were all captured and sent back without  horses and weapons. The horses were sold to the Boere. Francis also bought to black stallions for him and his eldest son . The horses were named Jameson and Rhodes.

Two years later Oom Frank and his eldest son left on these two horses to join the Kommandos to fight the invading British.

Oom Frank and his sons survived the war.


Catharina Johanna Eagar

Catharina Johanna Eagar
Catharina Johanna Eagar

Catharina Johanna Eagar

Catharina Johanna Eagar ( nee van der Merwe)

Catharina Johanna Eagar Geanology

Catharina Johanna was the youngest child of Lodewyk Johannes van der Merwe and Anna Catharina van der Merwe

Lodewyk  was a diamond digger  at Wolmeransstad  South Africa. He built a home at Wolmeransstad and while digging the foundation he found 4    diamonds That were similar in size and shape which he gave to his 4 daughters.

Brothers And Sisters of Catharina

Willem(Oom Ou Bootie)









Catharina was the youngest

At the age of 11 her family moved by train to Rhodesia  (the land of milk and honey)