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Build your own website online with our easy drag and drop website builder and hosting based in South Africa. Our builder packages include SEO tools, email accounts, quality templates, Google Analytics integration, automatic backups. Our software is simple and reliable. Import your current website or create a new one.

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Website hosting provides the resources and tools needed to house and manage a website. Web hosting services provide disk space on a web server, domain names, IP addresses, SSL, emails, databases, a control panel, and more at an affordable rate. Why do you need these services?

To make a website accessible to the internet its data needs a special home to live in. In technical terms, it needs to be hosted on a server (think of it as a big computer connected to the internet). This server needs to be online 24/7, super-fast, and secure.

Of course, every home needs an address. However, it would be far too cumbersome to remember and search for geographic coordinates to find a house, so we use street names instead. The same concept applies to websites.

It would be too difficult to search for every website by its server’s IP address (e.g., so websites are given domain names instead. Your domain name is your website’s ‘address’ on the internet, which conveniently points to your server’s ‘location’ (IP address). This IP is stored in its nameservers.

So, whenever someone visits your site, their browser knows which server to request your website’s content from to display it to them.

Moreover, your web hosting provider must provide an SSL certificate, which safeguards sensitive information between your site and viewers by encrypting it. Without it, Google and other search engines will flag your site as ‘not secure’ and won’t rank it well.

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