Florence Sarah Eagar

Florence Sarah Eagar

Florence Sarah Van Heerden


Florence lived with her husband in Bloemfontein, she had a hobby where sea shells were glued together and then painted them to make ornaments.

Aunt Florrie named Florence Sarah Married to Jacob Petrus van Heerden


Birth place—-Ladybrand, OFS, South Africa

Death——– August 27, 1982 (84)Bloemfontein, OFS, South Africa

Daughter of Daughter of Frances John Eagar and Susara Jacoba Sophia Eagar

Wife of Izak Benjamin van Heerden

Mother of Jacob Petrus van Heerden and Susara Jacoba Sophia Wasserman

Sister of Dina Margaretha MareeElizabeth Magdalena BothaJohannes Henry EagarFrances John Eager and Charles James Eagar


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