Anglo Boer War 1899

Anglo Boer War

Anglo Boer War and other short stories of Francis Eagar.

One day Francis saw a rider on horse galloping towards the farm. Oom Kasper van Wyk  came to enlist  Oom Frank, and he said  tomorow at 10 pm you must be at Papfontein  with rifle , horse, saddle, bridle, and  food for 8 days. We are at war. Oom Frank Eagar  and his eldest son made preparations and left the next day and joined the Kommandos.

Some time later Francis received a message from his father Oom Frank, to bring them food. Francis took food to them and because he owned his own rifle, he stayed and joined the Kommandos at 16 years of age.

While on patrol the Kommando Came to some old kraals close to a riverbed. The horses were tied together in one of the kraals and they took up positions near the riverbed. Francis became thirsty and decided to fetch his water bottle on his horse in the kraal.  While untying the can a enemy spy approached and was looking at the horses trying to figure out if it was theres or the kommandos. Francis aimed his rifle over the saddle and while aiming he saw beautiful blue eyes, this caused him to freeze and he could not pull the trigger. From another kraal a veteran fired and wounded  the enemy who fell from his horse. Upon hearing the rifle shot the enemy troops which were nearby fled. The Kommando’s Chased them killing a few and taking one prisoner. The prisoner was then brought back to his wounded comrade who he then bandaged. The prisoner was released to fetch help for his comrade. Francis and Kommando left this area

Out on patrol Francis with about 25 men noticed a large number of the enemy approaching them. In between them and the british troop was a mountain pass. The field cornet approached one of the older men and asked for advice how to get out of this situation . He thought for a while then answered, we must gallop one by one across the pass making a lot of dust until the sun sets, the enemy may think that we are a large number of Kommando moving into the pass. This was done and the following morning the enemy were all gone.



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