Francis John Eagar snr

Francis John Eagar snr

Francis John Eagar snr and Susara Sophia (nee Briel) EagarBriel
Francis John Eagar snr and Susara Sophia (nee Briel) Eagar

Name ———-Francis John Eagar

Birth Date——1849 Grahams Town , Cape Colony

Spouse———-Susara Sophia (nee Briel)

Birth Date——-1858

Children ——– Charles James, Dina Margaretha  ( Maree ),    Youngest Francis John , Daughter Florence

Foreword Author: Very little is known about F J Eagar snr but wat is known is narrated on this page.

Son of Ross Eagar ,farmed at Hoopstad Freestate, later moved to a farm Crimea next to a mountain named Cithea . His last years he and his wife stayed in Clocolan Freestate South Africa. Raymond Eagar ( grandson)  and Wife Catharina visited them here from Rhodesia. He was then blind and had a guide dog . This dog was often sent to the butchery with a basket, money, and a note. The dog would then return with the meat from the butchery and give it to Susara, untouched !.

1897 Francis and eldest son was called to the Transvaal to help stop the Jameson Raid. On arrival by train at Krugersdorp the raid was over , Jameson and his raiders were all captured and sent back without  horses and weapons. The horses were sold to the Boere. Francis also bought to black stallions for him and his eldest son . The horses were named Jameson and Rhodes.

Two years later Oom Frank and his eldest son left on these two horses to join the Kommandos to fight the invading British.

Oom Frank and his sons survived the war.