Jacobus Johannes Erasmus

Jacobus Johannes Erasmus

Father and Mother of Elizabeth Margaretha Erasmus
Christoffel Petrus Johannes Erasmus and Anna Christina Magdalena Erasmus ,Father and Mother of Elizabeth Margaretha Erasmus

Son of Christoffel Petrus Johannes Erasmus and Anna Christina Magdalena Erasmus
Husband of Henrietta Carolina Cornelia Erasmus
Father of Christoffel Petrus Johannes Erasmus;  Casperus Wilhelmus Erasmus
Brother of Elizabeth Margaretha Christina Eagar and Johannes Daniel Erasmus and Christian Erasmus

Koos stayed with Francis John Eagar and his sister. He married Henrietta Carolina Lamprecht 28-2-1907 . They lived with the Eagar,s for four years before he built a house close by and moved  into their own house.

Keen to do woodwork , Francis suggested that he build a wagon, Francis bought the necessary metal parts and Koos made the rest using bush timber.

Francis was approached by the owner of Rusfontein asking for advice. He had a Farm-bank loan of one hundred pounds with overdue interest amounting to another hundred pounds which he was unable to pay. The Bank was taking possession prior to selling the farm. Francis saw it as an opportunity for Koos to get on his own feet and proposed that they buy the farm on half shares, Koos was glad and agreed.

They bought Rusfontein in partnership. They paid the debtor one hundred pounds and assumed responsibility for the Landbank bond obligations The move to Rusfontein was a great day for Koos and his  wife. Moving with a wagon, built with his own hands and pulled by his own span of oxen.

Koos grew wheat with success, selling the crop at one pound and two shillings and sixpence per bag. He later bought his Brother-in -law’s share of the farm. The road from Salisbury to South Africa passed through the farm.

Koos had two brothers , Johannes Daniel (Jan) And Christian Erasmus, Jan was married to Sarie, and Christian to Annie. Later years after Jan passed on and Annie passed on , Christian and Sarie married each other, brother in law and sister in law.

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