Raymond Eagar

Raymond Eagar

Raymond and Catharina Johanna Eagar
Raymond and Catharina Johanna Eagar

Raymond was eldest son of Francis John Eagar jnr and Elizabeth Margaretha Christina Erasmus. After schooling at Ngesipoort he Studied at Gwebi College at Bulawayo. After college he farmed on his fathers farm Ngesipoort. One year he planted one bag of wheat seed and harvested 92 bags of wheat.

Raymond bought a farm Lushoff and moved there and farmed. Begining 1939 he went to work for John Cummins who had a farm at Northam, Salisbury. Here he worked for 6 months , and because of World war II was imminent Cummins asked Raymond to return to his farm Lushoff to avoid being called up to the Rhodesian army, because only one person could be on the farm, the second would have to go to war.

Raymond moved back to Lushoff Farm and Dries du Toit and wife Elsie who stayed there, moved to Mayo Ranch , where he was employed to manage the Ranch. Elizabeth Margaret (second Daughter) was born 3/11/1942. During world war II , living was hard ,they survived on potatoes and the odd wild buck he shot. Here his cattle died from Rinderpest and he the moved to a house in Enkeldoorn , formally a Cheese Factory.

Raymond Eagar Geanology

Name——– Raymond Eagar

Birth date—–03/09/1914 at Mooilagte , Charter District, Rhodesia

Death ——-05/02/1996 (82) Reason for death-OESOPHAGUS KARSINOOM

Spouse——-Catharina Johanna Eagar (nee van der Merwe)

Birth Date—–21/07/1917 At Wolmaranstad S A


Francis John , Anna , Elizabeth Margaret , Raymond, Johan Lodewyk , Schalk


His father had a plot at Enkeldoorn, he built a house there and moved there. Started to work for a building contractor Goss, and qualified as a builder.  Goss went to England and did not return for a long time. The owners of a building that was not completed approached Raymond and asked him to continue on the building, to which he agreed.

While standing on the scaffolds the walls nearly completed, Goss returned and shouted at Raymond ( if you don’t come down I will shoot you !). Raymond was disgusted and left Goss and started his own building contracting. A loss for Goss!.

Francis his father asked Raymond to build a bigger house on the plot and during 1948 Francis moved from the farm Doornkasteel to the new house and Raymond and family moved to Doornkasteel farm.

Doornkasteel Farm House
Doornkasteel Farm House
Francis and son Raymond
Francis and son Raymond in front of Doornkasteel farm house

Note from author (Raymond Eagar Jnr)  I was then 6 months old.

Raymond and family lived here for 6 years farming.

The farm consisted of different soils, loam, sandy, red, and wet land where rice could grow.

1951 Francis decided to move to South Africa to Naboomspruit, he sold the farm to Taljard , Raymond moved back to Enkeldoorn.

Here Raym0nd continued contracting for building, and then a big breakthrough came, he got a contract from L N Desai a Indian to build a shop in Enkeldoorn.

He completed the shop building and with his profit he bought building material and built a shopping complex opposite  the Enkeldoorn Hotel. This building had 4 offices leased to the Goverment, 2 shops leased to Johny Wray, and a Cafe, and Butchery. With the rent he received from Eagar Buildings he had enough income for life.